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    Pentair Dynamo 2HP... is it too much?

    So I finally got a sand filter and pump off craigslist. Not a great pic but it is about 3 years old and they said it worked... I did not even think to check the HP... Looks like the 2 HP may be too much for my 18' soft side pool? My questions is do I even try it or will it rip my pool apart...
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    Homemade PVC Solar Cover Hanger's

    Here is mine...
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    DIY Pool Reel?

    I made a side saddle out of PVC... Works awesome and I can remove and replace by myself. There is another post somewhere with details... Jere it is... Solar Cover Holders PVC
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    TV and Music Poolside -- Need help Swamp Rabbit

    Or for the budget minded you can pick up a nice sized water resistant, rechargeable, Bluetooth speaker at Aldi and use your portable music device. Works great for our needs!
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    Solar Cover Holders PVC

    After looking at what you made I decided to have a go... Here is what I cam up with. I ended up with 2 different sizes because I did just 3 holders the first day thinking that would be enough but it wasn't holding quite right. The next day when I made them I had forgotten that I changed my...
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    Intex pools tougher than you think

    Maybe I don't need to be so worried... Nope still don't want our local nuisance to return :)
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    Wildlife and pool ownership....

    Thank goodness the neighbors keep the cows corralled pretty well! We are about 4 miles out of town with a neighbor close on each side (.83 acres) and have a large field on the other side of the road and bordering the back yard. I thought even a rope strung along the back with Cans or something...
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    Wildlife and pool ownership....

    Thanks all! Loved reading your comments this morning, Almost spit coffee on my laptop! I did hang out ammonia soaked rags as I read bears do NOT like the smell. We will see. As for the bugs they will clear up soon.
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    Wildlife and pool ownership....

    Let me start by saying that I do live in a rural community a little over an hour from the Twin cities MN, but I am by no means in what I would call the "Woods" SO today I go out to clean up my pool as I had added a good amount of chlorine yesterday and I had a mess in the bottom to vacuum out...
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    Intex Ultra Frame liner "pocket"

    The channels in mine were gross last year and I worried about it. Never seemed to cause an issue. I am keeping my water level lower this year and it staying drier.
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    Solar Cover Holders PVC

    LOVE IT! Just what I was looking for!
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    Pro series vs normal

    I'm interested in hearing replies to this as well. We have the Blue right now. It was second hand to us and this is our 2nd year with it. I did have to do wit 2 holes this year but I think that was just something that happened during install/take down. I wonder if the grey models are worth the...
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    Bought 10x20 Intex Ultra Frame on Craigslist Need Advice

    Get the best test kit you can afford. I started with the 6way HTC test kit from Walmart but if my pool holds out I will probably get the Taylor kit they recommend here. Keep reading and read again and you will be good to go :) I am by no means an expert but Iv'e learned so much and have had...
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    Bought 10x20 Intex Ultra Frame on Craigslist Need Advice

    I got my 18' intex from craigslist too. Its pretty self explanatory but there are some videos on the intex site as well as the manuals. I would not think it is a god idea for it to overlap on to dirt but it will depend on how much. As for opening your pool there are a couple threads that I...
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    Keeping Heat In

    Hi there, I'm in central MN and as a first time pool owner it has been a terrible summer for getting my pool to warm up! My regular cover has been doing a pretty good job of keeping in the temps at night but when I'm only getting to 83 for an outdoor temp and it's not even that sunny it's a pain...