Pentair Dynamo 2HP... is it too much?

Jun 23, 2014
Central MN
So I finally got a sand filter and pump off craigslist. Not a great pic but it is about 3 years old and they said it worked... I did not even think to check the HP... Looks like the 2 HP may be too much for my 18' soft side pool? My questions is do I even try it or will it rip my pool apart? So aggravated right now I can not even tell you!

We took a chance and left to pool up over the winter and it looks like it did well. Just is super icky! LOL I really Need a good pump but I am also on a budget... Thinking I may need to sell this and get something smaller.

Edit to add... I found a different label... Model # DYNII-N1-1 1/2 ???


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May 3, 2007
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Dynamo is not a very large pump and the 2 HP is identical to the 1.5 HP. You can always downsize the impeller too.