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    Family Leisure install

    We had our pool installed by them in 2014 and had no issues although my husband was home to "oversee" the installation :) We have 21 x 54 round and it took a crew of 4 guys around 4-5 hours to install which was starting from scratch. All our pool eqiupment has functioned well over the years...
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    Test results 5/29-opening pool w/new liner

    Opening pool (details in signature) with new liner and city water, filled pool slowly over the last 5 days. Test results 1:30pm Water temp 57 degrees FC 0 CYA 0 TA 260 CH 250 I have chemicals ready but wondering best course of action? it the water too cold to start chemicals? we could heat to...
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    Opening pool, adding stabilizer

    Understood, just trying to plan ahead as I was considering buying powder stabilizer since I don't have any and wanted thoughts on using Granular56 or the old liquid stabilizer I have in my garage. Thanks.
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    Opening pool, adding stabilizer

    Started TFP method last July so this is my first opening with TFP. In the past, at opening I superchlorinated using Granular 56 (which has stabilizer in it) you know what happened come late June as I kept chlorinating pool with that...out of control CYA levels! 1. This year, do I dare...
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    Need new liner, recommendations?

    The ice ring is melting daily and there is no water in the bottom of pool, assuming leak but can't see one (yet). Do I bother with patching? or just buy a new liner, any recommendations for where/what type of liner to buy online for our above ground pool? I was told "20 gauge thickness" liner by...
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    test results after 10 day vacation

    Before vacation: pool was crystal clear, I brought FC up to SLAM level for CYA 60, turned pump off, covered pool. Returned last night to find clear pool with small amount of tree debris. Rain 0.9 inches in gauge. Temp was in 80s while we were away. Test results this am 7/23 after running pump...
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    After SLAMing, balancing other chemical levels

    Almost finished with SLAMing pool looking crystal clear. Thanks for getting me to this point! At what piont do I start testing and adjusting other levels? Before SLAM 7/8: ph was 7.0 Alk 190 Ch 175 CYA 60 does my water need be at “Target FC level” or lower to get true readings?
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    seeking easily removable stair option

    Currently we have a set of stairs that is held in place by cement weights (quick cement in plastic sand holders) not the easiest to move, tends to collect algae, and create flow issues. Anyone know of a better solution? Here is a picture of our setup. One after a storm blew chair into pool but...
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    Got TF100 kit this afternoon--too late to start SLAM?

    Removed stairs yesterday afternoon to find small spots of algae. FC was 19.5 so I added per pool math which brought FC to 28 which was over my FC shock level of 24 for CYA of 60. I used measuring cup so I was surprised it was high. Does that happen sometimes? My 12% chlorine is fresh per...
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    Got TF100 kit this afternoon--too late to start SLAM?

    Thanks! Yes, we have large staircase set. Will remove, was trying to avoid but realize its necessary.
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    Got TF100 kit this afternoon--too late to start SLAM?

    Checked pool at 11 am and saw about a dozen small quarter sized patches of algae. Checked FC 25. Brushed and vacuumed. Is this normal to still get patches of algae despite having chlorine at shock level for over 28 hours?
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    Got TF100 kit this afternoon--too late to start SLAM?

    SLAMed pool all day yesterday 7/8 started at 7 am. CYA 60 so kept Shock FC at 24 (or above, it got to 26 ppm) 7/9 6:20 am readings FC 25.5 PASS (last night at 8:30 was 26) CC 0.5 PASS Pool looking noticeably better, no signs of algae MAYBE What to do? I can see bottom of pool, but still...
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    Got TF100 kit this afternoon--too late to start SLAM?

    One more question... we added about 45 oz of muriatic acid to lower TA/pH per pool math. 1.5 hours later test result is: Ph 7.0 ALK 190 Is that close enough for SLAM? Thanks for your help! Really want to get it right this time!
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    Got TF100 kit this afternoon--too late to start SLAM?

    Replaced 30% of water 7/7 4:20 pm Test results water temp: 72 degrees FC 6 CC 0 CH 175 CYA 60 pH 7.5 ALK 260 (our city water is always high in ALK after filling pool or hot tub) Recommendations? lover pH some before starting SLAM?
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    Got TF100 kit this afternoon--too late to start SLAM?

    Re: Got TF100 kit this afternoon--too late to start SLAM? **updated with initial How much? I drained over 27 inches this past week...only thing I kinda know was that my stabilizer was at 150 mark (who knows how much over) before draining. I only used strip to help me guess if I did my first...