Test results 5/29-opening pool w/new liner


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Jun 30, 2018
Minneapolis, MN
Opening pool (details in signature) with new liner and city water, filled pool slowly over the last 5 days.
Test results 1:30pm
Water temp 57 degrees
FC 0
TA 260
CH 250
I have chemicals ready but wondering best course of action? it the water too cold to start chemicals? we could heat to get this process moving since we'd like to swim as soon as the weather allows. I have plain liquid bleach 12.5% as well as Granular 56 (that contains CYA). I know I need to put some CYA in pool BEFORE adding bleach. But how much Granular as I don't want my CYA getting out of control like last year. I started TFP method mid season last year so my first opening...help appreciated!

ETA: I've decided to add about 10oz of granular56 to get the CYA level up. Will check FC/CYA in a couple hours and report. Plan to use liquid chlorine to finish opening sanitation process. Do we SLAM in spring?
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Since this is new water, there should be no algae to be concerned with at this point. But yes, get the CYA up to at least 30 ppm, and keep the FC balanced to that CYA as noted on the FC/CYA Chart. I don't see your pH, but make sure it's somewhere in the mid-7s for now. An elevated TA is common in your area, so it will take time and several doses of muriatic acid to lower the TA, but for now focus on the pH, FC, and CYA. Enjoy! :wave: