Need new liner, recommendations?


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Jun 30, 2018
Minneapolis, MN
The ice ring is melting daily and there is no water in the bottom of pool, assuming leak but can't see one (yet). Do I bother with patching? or just buy a new liner, any recommendations for where/what type of liner to buy online for our above ground pool? I was told "20 gauge thickness" liner by installer. I know we could possibly get a prorated discount since our liner is only 6 years old but might end up getting better deal online versus the pool store where we purchased the pool.IMG_4727.JPG


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Mar 17, 2015
Cedar Falls, Iowa
I would actually search for a liner by MIL thickness, not gauge. I have read that many that sell by gauge, there is a lot of dicrepency as to thickness. 20-25MIL