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A little known tid-bit about Allen, he’s been one of the main forces behind TFP creating our new Wiki.  From making minor edits to coming up with whole new articles,  Allen is clearly dedicated to helping homeowners everywhere.

Tell us about your pool experience

My current house has a 20’x50′ plaster pool with attached spillover spa. Came with the house and installed by the prior owner in 2001. My previous house had a kidney shaped plaster pool. Also came with the house. So I have been a caretaker of 2 pools over the last 25 years.

Have you ever had a pool remodeled

First pool needed to be replastered and some tile repair. Our current pool was replastered in 2017. Plaster was 16 years old and in decent shape except that a rebar rust stain had come through the plaster on the deep end. Otherwise the plaster could have gone another few years. But I decided to have the rusting rebar cut out and the pool replastered.

What was the worst part about the remodel

I have had a good relationship with a high quality family owned pool company for over 20 years who built the pool at my current house. So while I got other bids this company was the best price and the construction manager was the son of the owner who worked on building the pool 17 years ago. We had issues getting the plastering scheduled in suitable spring weather. The plastering was done by June and then the pool closed in October. The following spring at opening the plaster had issues that were described in this thread

The pool company stepped up and got the plaster company to fix it. It doesn’t look perfect but good enough for me. The construction manager would have had it replastered if I had pushed the issue. Someday I will collect on it.

What brought you to TFP

I joined TFP in 2013. I had been using SWG’s since the late 1990’s. I always tried to keep my pool care simple and not use a lot of pool store potions. I stumbled onto TFP in searching the web about pool care and found TFP stuff and ChemGeek’s writings made a lot of sense to me. It was mostly what I was already doing and gave me areas to improve.  Now however I like solving puzzles and figuring out answers to other peoples problems is often a challenge. Many people are so lost with pool care and I hate to watch them struggle the way they do.

Any kids/grandkids and their thoughts on the pool?

3 kids + 2 grandkids and one more due in May. The pool is as much a part of our house as the grass and the trees.