Zodiac Jandy R0452500 CG Cell Port Sensor


Dec 25, 2014
bayport, new york
The new replacement sensor Zodiac Jandy R0452500 CG Cell Port Sensor with the module containing the A B switch solves error codes generated by the older style tri-sensor started on the market in October 2014. My unit was late 2013 and generated the notorious error codes 172 low flow, no flow right out of the box at time of installation regardless of the jumper switch, calibration or programming. Since then I have replaced the new style sensor four times at my expense since Jandy will not make good on their warranty direct to end users so you have to ship the warranty item to a pool installer and pay him to install your warrantied sensor. Not only was this product defective new but the warranty punishes the customer twice. So I tried getting cheaper replacement sensors to make the maintenance costs reasonable since this item sells from most vendors for over $150. I found brand new ones with Jandy serial numbers for as little as $35 each and bought a few to have as spares. Some didn't have labels on the module but all had labels on the sensor head and other had holes drilled for the LED module light but no lights on the circuit board, just hollow drilled holes going nowhere and the switch tab had no switch behind it on the circuit board. I called Jandy with the serial numbers of these units and they concluded they are Chinese counterfeit fraudulent parts designed to cater to a desparate market generated by Jandy/Zodiac making defective products. Furthermore Jandy/Zodiac doesn't honor their warranties properly with ridiculous loopholes, and charging ridiculously high prices for those trying to solve their own problems in a reasonable way. Their automated pool covers enforce top secret parts books and service manuals and list prices that prevent customers from buying parts. Because Jandy riggs their products and warranties so badly even when the products are known to be defective new right out of the box they are being victimized successfully by Chinese newly manufactured hacked parts at a fraction of their cost and little can be done about it because of current trade laws. When this happens to General Motors cars, GM has made good by giving replacement parts free or at a significantly reduced cost and direct to the customer not to secondary providers that rip you off. This is the way it should be when you make defective new parts. Owning up to it in a formal recall that would really give them great ratings but that is exremely rare and occur only when people start dying from faulty parts such as defective Boeing aircraft parts.


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Jun 24, 2011
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This is why most of us recommend SWG's based on the warranty that you are going to get based on self-installs or "professionally" installed. CircuPool and Hayward SWG's come with their full warranties on self-installs while most other brands have next to no warranty for self-installs.
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