Wrong filter - Run without it?


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Jan 3, 2015
Tulsa, ok
I have a small three-person Healthy Living spa. It's two years old. We love it. It's size makes it virtually maintenance free. We get out and toss in a few teaspoons of chlorine granules and are done. We regularly maintain the ph too, and have had tremendous luck so far. No problems to speak of. Today we emptied it and cleaned it. We do that every three months or so. As we were refilling it we realized the dealership sent us the wrong filter. The new one is too tall, despite the fact that we ordered the filter from the same place that we bought the tub from and they know our exact model. Either way, I know I am at fault for not checking before tossing the old one in the garbage. It's Sunday, so I can't run into town to get a new one until late tomorrow after work. So do I treat the new water and then run the tub without the filter? Or treat the new water but leave the tub off overnight? Empty it again (so wasteful!) and start over tomorrow when I do have a filter? Thank you for your help. I hate to create problems in the plumbing by letting untreated water sit in the tub, and hate to suck any possible debris into the pump by running it without the filter. I could really use some expertise. Thank you again.


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Jan 6, 2010
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I've never poked around a freestanding spa, so I don't know the configuration, but on a pool, the filter comes after the pump. In which case, running with or without a filter makes no difference to the pump.

I'd run the thing until you can get a filter.