Would you use any of these chemicals if they were given to you free?


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Mar 5, 2020
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These were left by the previous homeowner. Since I moved in 3 months ago, I bought all my own chemicals because I wanted to be sure of the quality and applicability. Thanks to this forum, I've learned how to maintain my pool and it's in a comfortable spot now. The only problem I continuously have is elevated pH, for which I'm adding muriatic acid every week. I'm left to finally decide what to do with these chemicals:

- ProTeam Supreme Enhancer (sodium tetraborate pentahydrate 99.5%)
- Jack's Magic Magenta Stuff
- Pool Perfect + Phosfree
- Pool Time Super Water Clarifier



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Jul 21, 2013
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The ProTeam Supreme adds borates to the pool. I would get Borates Test Strips and see what the borate level is in your water since it effects your pH and TA.

Jack's Magic is a sequestrant used in metals treatments...

Phosfree only if you have a major phosphate problem...

Claifier - Clarifier - Further Reading
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