Would this filter pump work?


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Apr 15, 2007
West Michigan
Intex frame pool pump

I think that is way too much for that pump. Intexcorp has a web site and you can buy directly from them if you want original equipment from the manufacture. I have bought replacement parts from them before and had no problems. Our local big grocery store also carrys the products and I think it was cheeper there and no shipping.

The one thing about the paper filters is you can never get big enough or enough replacement cartridges. They may work ok barley, but really are not that great. You have to keep on top of the chemistry or you will have a green pool quickly. And only using pucks will do it, the stabilizer builds up very quickly in the little pools and then you need more bleach to fight the green monster. I'm not saying don't use use the filters at least its something, but you have to keep on top of the numbers and use a test kit and do it right. Good Luck I love our frame pool going to be 4 years now, 2nd filter pump, new last year. Just wish we could up grade. :) Kimrst


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Jun 26, 2007
Thanks, the pool has a 100gph pump but I don't think it will do a good gob. Using BBB kept the 12ft pool we had last year mostly clear. We had cloudy water but lots of kids in it all day long.