Would broken flex air relief assembly lead to DE in pool?


May 28, 2019
San Jose, CA
I noticed DE was being put back in the pool. I backflushed, cleaned the grids, put in DE, and noticed the pressure didnt really go up while adding the DE. Also noticed a little bit of DE in the pool again the next time the filter came on. I was also seeing it in my S200. I took the filter apart today and was looking at things, and noticed there was some DE and debris inside the bottom of the grids. I also noticed on the top manifold the air relief assemby was broken. The sock was still in place, but it snapped in two. Would this account for DE being in the pool and in the grids? There were no tears in the grids themselves, and everything appeared to be connected well. I ordered aother assembly and o-rings, but I'm wondering if there is anything else to look out for before I put everything back together.