WOO HOO ! ! ! LOVE MY SWG! (Converted from BBB Method)


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Jun 3, 2008
I recently installed a Circupool RJ45 SWG on my 32x16 (21,000 gal) inground pool. Holy cow what a difference!
Our pool gets intense sun all day long (current water temp is 92) and it was getting a little frustrating hauling bleach for the last three years...so we upgraded to the SWG. The water is so perfectly clear that I can read the small letters on the pool vac when it's sitting in the bottom of the 8' end of the pool!
I'm running it @ 80% for 11 hrs. a day (8am-7pm) and the water is absolutely perfect! The salt has made the pool water much more enjoyable as well. My wife reports that she likes the difference & everyone that comes over asks what's changed.
The install was a snap, some PVC fittings, basic electric (I have mine wired to the pump timer), an 8' 4x4 post (to mount the transformer / controller) and that was it!

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's getting tired of lugging bleach. With the Hayward Navigator and the SWG, this pool is practically maintenance free. My wife and I love it! (as does the neighborhood!)

Circupool RJ45 - bought here: http://www.discountsaltpool.com/
(they had free upgrade to the next bigger unit for a limited time)

Salt- 3700ppm
CYA- 75ppm
ALK- 110
PH- 7.8
FC- 5
Temp - 92!

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