Wiring Pentair LA01N booster pump for 115V

Cal Poole

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May 4, 2021
My Pentair LA01N booster pump stopped working after a power failure. To isolate the failure, I tried to run it directly from a 115V socket, bypassing the Pentair Easytouch control panel. (The main pump, and other features of the panel, are operating correctly. The capacitor was successfully replaced a few months ago, and was replaced again, just in case). I followed a YouTube vid from InyoPools.com. My pump looks like the first pump they rewire for 115V.

How to: Wire Whisperflow & Similar Pumps for 115V

Here is the wiring diagram for my Pentair LA01N booster pump:

After rewiring the pump for 115V, I plugged it into an exterior socket. The breaker immediately trips. Here is the wiring configuration of the pump, connected to 115V power:


You can see that my pump terminals match those shown in the vid.

If you look at the brown wire on terminal B, you can see that someone wrapped it with a white tag or piece of plastic. Has the brown wire been "converted" to a white wire? Could this indicate why the pump won't run on 115V? Does this mean the brown wire isn't a "real" brown wire?

Do you see anything wrong with my wiring? Any suggestions as to why the pump doesn't run? I have a new voltage detector and multimeter, but very little experience using them. I thought it would be simpler to first verify basic operability of the pump before attempting to troubleshoot the panel.

Thanks for your help.
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