Winterize grade below


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Jun 10, 2020
Durham NC
This is my first year with an above ground pool and plan on taking it down for the winter. Any suggestions on what to do with the grade after the pool has been removed? I’m afraid it will have sticky mud pit for the fall / winter. Do folks use mulch or fabric to protect the grade?

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: If you are firm on dismantling and removing the pool, I suppose you could just cover the exposed base with some tarps. Of course you could just leave the pool in place and follow the link below if you would like another option. Hope that helps.



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Aug 4, 2020
I think most people on here leave it up for the winter. I am not sure you can really protect the grade. If I were to take mine down, I would probably tack the pad down (I have a gorilla type pad) and cover it with weed block fabric. My building department said if I take it down, I have to re-apply fir the permit, so mine is staying up.