Why so much hate on pool store's water test?


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Dec 24, 2018
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You have to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He probably meant no harm, but this is what Wal-Mart is famous for. We had an Intex Pool and quite honestly, did not care one bit about what people thought. No one is here to judge on what pools people own, etc. It was probably just conversation. Personally, I would have asked him what he meant by the statement, as I would be confused. And the copper bit, just sheer ignorance.

Pool store employee's know no better. There training is poor at the least.

Picture a mom and pop store with a few items on the shelf:

1) Bleach
2) Baking Soda
3) Borax
4) Muriatic Acid
5) The TF-100 Test Kit + Speed Stir & Accessories

Incidentals that your pool could need (Hardware, that is). Now, remove all the magic potions that you really do not need, and one could operate a mom and pop store in a store front property that is 400 square feet. Now, walk into a Leslie's and you are talking 2,000-4,000 square feet. There is one in Freehold, NJ that is at least 4,000 square feet, with things you really do not need.

The testing may not be off by that much, but they always are recommending products that just are not needed. Take care and good luck!
I get what you’re saying. But why on earth would he recommend I buy a COPPER algaecide for a vinyl Intex pool? That’s crazy talk! The bottle even says do not use in pools with vinyl liners. I don’t care about the Walmart remark lol! Like I said, it’s true. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The copper algaecide is what made me run for my life lol


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A couple of times in this thread the implication has been that algaecides are PARTICULARLY bad for vinyl pools. I don't know that and I don't think I have heard mention of that on this forum before.

I do know that copper is a very effective algaecide most all the time but it has a POTENTIALLY nasty side effect of precipitation onto pool surfaces.....probably more so on plaster than vinyl but, again, I don't know that for sure.

I also know that polyquat 60 is a non-copper based product that TFP thinks is better than copper based algaecides. I also know that TFP thinks that algaecides are not needed in day to day operation of your pool.

So, copper based algaecides may or may not stain your pool but they are VERY effective at preventing algae.....is it worth the risk?

TFP doesn't think it is and suggests that algaecides are not needed but if you decide you need one, then polyquat 60 eliminates the potential staining problem.

All that said, if you decide to use a copper based algaecide, I don't think copper staining is a guarantee and I don't think it will precipitate on vinyl any worse than on plaster.
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Jun 5, 2019
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Interesting thread... What I learned today? Kim chemically blew a liner! :) And That Leslie's is evil. And that not all pool stores are not evil. I have to actually agree... E-konomy here in Tucson is perfectly content to sell liquid chlorine (cheap!) to people like me who profess to use TFP. They even say, it's a good technique that works and will talk to you about it if they are not busy. My pool startup guy even claimed that TFP was valid (but he didn't do it), but he did have a valid point that changing out the water every year and a half is probably needed for CH anyway here in Tucson and you can take CYA with it at the time. And since even with some of the most expensive water anywhere, my fill was $165.. it can be a valid doable point to plan water changes anyway. I just want my water to look good for as long as I can. The neighbors who change the water every 18 months have pretty dingy looking water for the last 6 or so....

Now the guys who use $100+ "special chemicals" to "fix their water" are nuts when a exchange or a 1/2 refill is much less than that... but I digress.....
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