Where does my water go? lol


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My pool never overflows, but I can't figure out how, why, or where it goes. :)

I have a vinyl pool. No extra bulkheads/holes in the sides unaccounted for. Only two pump/filter returns and the pressure side cleaner return. Two surface skimmers have no extra bulkheads or holes other than what goes back to the pump. Second hole in each skimmer is plugged. Yet, it NEVER overflows. Even during Hurricane Sally it reached the same point as always, and didn't go higher. My liner is WELL aged and has sagged a little in a couple of spots, but it never even reaches that level, so it's not going behind the liner either.

I DO have a void under one corner of my pool deck we thought may have been from a leaking pool deck drain, but still wondering where the pool water goes!! Is it possible that under the deck drain there are two holes? One to the pump, and another to near ground level? Perhaps discharging somewhere under the corner of the deck and the real cause of the erosion as WELL as where my water goes?

Thanks for any input. I've just never heard of a setup like that, but is all I have left to explain it, lol.


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Jul 28, 2019
Northwest ohio
It would seem that there has to be and overflow drain somewhere on your pool, either by skimmer or a pipe tied into your storm drain off somewhere. Maybe some pictures of your skimmers and pool equipment pad could help us help you figure out this mystery.
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