Where do you store your pool chemicals (liquid and powder)


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May 28, 2010
As of this moment, I store my pool chemicals on the side of the house right next to all the pool pump & equipment. The area is fairly well shaded although it still gets some direct sun maybe about 4 or 5 hours per day at most. This time of year, I go through my liquid chlorine fairly quickly so I don't have the same jugs for more than a few weeks (I only buy 3 at a time). I go through the jugs of acid much less frequently, so I guess those stick around a couple of months or so. But I have heard that it's not good to keep the chlorine jugs where they get too much sun exposure. And as for the other chemicals (powders), I have typically only bought them as I need them, but now that I'm learning the BBB method, I suppose I will be keeping a little extra on hand.

So how do you keep/store your chemicals? Do you have some kind of storage unit or box outside? Garage? Please describe.




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May 30, 2007
South Carolina
We keep bleach in the garage (several cases, open air) and muriatic acid under the house deck, behind a brick pillar, out of the sun.
Chlorine and MA should not be stored close together.

Dry chems are kept in a small closet in the garage.....rarely used :cool:


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Feb 23, 2008
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I store all chems in a Rubbermaid deck box like this. What I like about them is that they double as a bench, they are tough, and they are lockable. Mine sits on the back porch and has chems in it year round.



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Nov 5, 2008
I have dry chemicals (cal-hypo, calcium increaser, pucks) in a 3' tall Suncast type storage unit -- it has split tops and sides so I can grab from the top or open the whole thing up to get heavy stuff. That is around the side of the house, past the pool equipment pad. I have MA tucked into a corner near the pool door. I use rather a lot of MA. Near that is the bakers rack that holds whatever is left in the current jug of bleach, usually I use the whole jug so not typically any bleach there just happens to be some now. Bleach is on the far side from MA, maybe 5' away, several boxes in between. I keep the extra bleach just inside the garage. I keep my testing kit inside, in the laundry room, above the sink.


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Jan 11, 2009
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Bleach is the most sensitive to storage conditions. Heat matters more than sun as the jugs are basically opaque.

Don't keep MA near any form of chlorine. Acid spill + chlorine spill = toxic gas.

I get 12.5% bleach and keep it in the pool shed. I get 8 gallons at a time so it's starting to fade by the time each lot is used up, but still more cost-effective than 6% locally. MA stays in the garage, I don't need it as often.


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Dec 13, 2009
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Generally speaking, storing all chemicals in a container or area which is out of the sun and lockable (or at least secured in some way from kids and pets) is always advisable. Avoiding excess heat is also advisable, if not always possible. And definitely keep the chlorine (whether in bleach or pool store form) away from the muriatic....I saw that reaction once in my teen days as a lifeguard. Oof!

We store our MA, salt and rarely-if-ever-used pucks in a decently ventilated shed. A sometimes-used jug of bleach (we have a SWG), conditioner, test kit and sometimes clarifier are stored in a rubbermade-like bin near the pool. Once we have our pool house, we will store all of the above (except the MA) in a ventilated closet on the side of the pool house.

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