When to add Metal Free in a brand new pool?


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Jul 24, 2021
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I thought I read to add something to prevent staining and deal with metal first thing. I cant seem to find it now. My question is, what is "first thing"?😅
My pool is 18500 gallons including the attached spa, and gunnnite with white plaster. They finished plastering about 2 hours ago (1030 am pacific) and I've got two water hoses chugging away to fill it. Do I add the sequestering agent as soon as the pool is half filled or filled or after I balance everything else? I know for a fact that metal is a problem in our city water but I dont have a test for it. Definitely don't want to risk staining.

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My question is, what is "first thing"
Basically once the pool is full and you start circulating water. The link for that is below. Welcome! :wave:

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