Whats a good TA range? And a few other questions?


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May 8, 2020
1st timer here. I went to the local pool store just to get my water tested by them for the first time only. My thought was it would be a good starting point for me to open up my Taylor 2006 and check my numbers against theirs. My question is that they have a range for TA at 125-150. My TFP calculator has the TA range at 50-90. Which one is correct? I have an AGP, 5000 gallons. Attached are the numbers from the pool store. Many of my numbers are zero which is expected. Also do I add my chemicals in the order they suggest? I am not using their products I am using BBB method. Lastly what kind of a product do I need for a stabilizer/ conditioner?
Many Thanks for your help!



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Jan 6, 2010
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They want higher TA because they expect most people to use trichlor pucks which are very acidic.

I haven't even looked at the test results. Pool store tests are notoriously unreliable. I would be interested in what you get with your own testing.

Stabilizer is stabilizer. Pool section at any big box or hardware store. Recommended Pool Chemicals - Trouble Free Pool tells you what does what and how to add it.


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Jun 1, 2018
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After you test your water feel free to post the results here & we can help steer u in the right direction. It’s always interesting to see the disparity between the two .