What is this Amber PVC Part?


Jul 15, 2017
I need to replace this clear, amber part but I can’t find it. What’s it called?

Also, do you think is is glued into the valve?

Thank you!

By the way, the pipe got knocked and it got cracked.


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TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
Also, do you think is is glued into the valve?
Yes, it is probably glued, which will make it difficult to replace.

Where is the crack?

You might be able to cut the cracked part out and glue a coupling or FTA on the remaining part.

You don't necessarily need the sight glass, but it's nice to have.

If you cut the fitting 1.4" from the multiport and then glue on an FTA, you can then screw in a new sight glass and replumb.
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