What is the difference between these salt levels?


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Jan 24, 2008
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I just checked my Goldline Aqua Rite panel and looked at my readings.
The only question I have is what is the difference bewteen the two salt level readings that show up.

Salt Level 3400
Instant Salinity - 3100

In the manual it really never mentions what is the difference between the two numberes.
Should they always read the same but one will be a negitive number?
I also found on line the install package and it talks about locking the salt ppm in by using a sequence of switches.
Can someone explain my numbers.

Oh everything is normal
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May 3, 2007
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Instant salinity is just that, what the SWG reads as the salinity at that point in time. Salinity is determined from the voltage, current and temperature in the cell. Instant salinity is updated every second or so.

The other salinity usually shown in the default menu is an average over several run cycles. Since the instant salinity can be influenced by many different things including temperature, they have a second reading which is averaged over several cycles such that a more long term reading is available and usually more accurate than the instant salinity.


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Jan 24, 2008
The Cool Part of Arizona
Here is the Hayward/Goldline answer to my question above.
Very interesting stuff but not in the manual.

The display that is shown on your panel is the AVERAGE salt level, the unit works on two sides so what you see as an instant salt level is what's going through the cell at that moment, the unit will then shut off and turn back on to get reading for the opposite side. The unit averages both sides of the cell and that's what is shown on your panel .

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May 7, 2014
Hello! New to this site and having just converted to SWC, had the same question. The INSTANT salinity reading is preceded with a - to differentiate if from the default reading which is not. Hope that helps! Would appear that all is cool