What is an SWCG and what should my settings be?


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Apr 15, 2007
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Not that I need to input anything as you all are doing great...
The proper output level is dependent on the pool's chlorine demand. If you have two 20K pools side by side and one gets used more, the output would be higher than the one with little use.
You will also need to adjust the output as water temperature changes, as chlorine demand changes too. Cooler weather needs less chlorine.
(btw - Pool Pilot automatically adjusts the output based upon temps).

As Chemgeek said, additional salt is needed to top off the recommended salt amount and is reduced by backwashing your filter, splashout, bathing suit drag out, rainwater overfilling your pool, or leaks.
However, it's no where near the initial salt amount added at start up.

Ive found Travertine to work well with Salt systems. But it bears acknowledging ChemGeeks suggestions of hosing off the deck and sealing as needed.