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Jul 20, 2017
Windsor, Ontario. Canada
If i got my water to near perfect what would be a "guess" on the amount of liquid chlorine i would need to add each day ?
I know there will be off days due to many factors and i know there will be other products i need to add. I have my solar blanket on pretty much 24/7 . My pump runs for 5 hours a day. If i am home i remove the blanket in the evenings for 3 or 4 hours to let the water breath. No problem and water is always very clear. This is my 40th year playing with this pool.
Why my question. I have always used pucks. Because of freeze ups i drain 4" below the skimmer and use a solid winter cover. Maybe that is why i have gotten away with the pucks and was able to keep my CYA at a decent level. Now i am wanting to switch to liquid and make up an auto dump system for it. So i am wondering how much liquid chlorine ( from pool store bulk tank ) do you all guess i'll need on an average day please. I will inject during pump run time of course.

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If i got my water to near perfect what would be a "guess" on the amount of liquid chlorine i would need to add each day ?
A few factors make your situation unique, like using a cover, swimmer's load, temperature, CYA, and soon an apparent liquid injection system that will increase FC during pump run time. So I'd give you a simple starting point:
- Verify your seasonal CYA requirement so you know what FC range you should be at
- Using the Poolmath calculator, determine how much chlorine is required to maintain that range. HINT - we typically don't want to lose more than 4ppm of FC in 24 hrs. So for example, if your pool was let's say 15K gallons, it takes about 76 ounces (2 quarts) of 8.25% strength chlorine to increase FC by 3 ppm. So now you can try to calculate your liquid dispenser to provide about 67 ounces of chlorine in 24 hrs.

If your chlorine is stronger, then of course the amount would be less. Also watch closely how much FC gets used. With little swimming and/or a cover on most of the time, FC use might be quite low. In addition, your pump run time will be factored into the setting. If it's only 5 hrs all at once, that's one thing. If you decide to split your run time between morning and evening, that might effect how well the FC stays in the pool.

A bit of experimenting but I suspect you'll be able to get into a good routine once you get the dispenser up & running.