What has just ruined my pool? Pump? Heater?


Oct 4, 2018
York, SC
Do you travel a lot? I'm planning to, so I've added a lot of automation to keep the pool in good shape while I'm away. One of the gizmos I added was a pool cam, with a good zoom. I can keep an eye on the water, the water level, how clear it is, if the vac is running (which means the pump is running), anything bad floating in the water, and if any algae outbreak develops. It's cheap "travel insurance" while away, and much more reliable than any neighbor, or once-a-week pool boy.

It's very gloomy today, so the water doesn't look all that great like usual, but it's clear, no algae! It's PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom), so I can "walk around" the pool and even check the sky for clouds and weather.

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And by zoom, I mean zoom! I know the water's clear when I can see pebbles on the bottom. Oops, there's a leaf floating by. Time to turn on the skimmer!

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Pardon the brag session there, point was: put your mind at ease while you're away with a pool cam...

Really like the idea of a pool cam. Please provide additional details of your camera (manufacturer, model, etc.) if not too much trouble.


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Nov 12, 2017
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I'm using Amcrest cams. The outdoor models are beasts (big!), but they are waterproof and have an amazing lens with real optical zoom. They offer several models, I have their 10x and 12x zoom models, and they have better ones, too. They all seem to be out of stock just now:

I explain a bit about my cam system in part 2 of my "summer projects" thread:

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