What does your pool paradise look like?


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
Gorgeous setup their SVP!! I like your fire pit. We bought a Solo Stove Bonfire early last year. Can't say enough about the double-wall fire pit concept. And the TV area!!!
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Aug 18, 2011
The quarantine provided ample time to really work on our Oasis this year. Our pet projects included turning an old 8ft picnic table into a high top tiki bar, a trash picked director’s chair into a life guard stand and building a float holder from PVC.

We’re very happy with the results. This site has been my go to for years for instructions and inspiration. Thanks!5B6CE294-7CC4-4CA5-88F8-9E5B3801754A.jpeg1C90DF3D-41A4-46E6-8D08-149C9468761A.jpeg5448AAA5-3535-4549-8DC7-F3624732DF57.jpegDE344A71-ABD4-42EE-8493-5AC2F6F69767.jpegA21DDC40-1F1B-4858-B8A3-9A989418DB0E.jpeg787E904B-2227-49B9-AB02-507F6D051793.jpeg
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Apr 28, 2012
Newton, NC
Our pool was installed in 2012; so it is getting up there in years. We've added one or two new things every year. It has been several years since I posted pictures. So, here goes...

I've posted 5 pictures...2 daytime shots and 3 night shots.

The pergola is about 4 feet above the pool level (long story about why we had to locate the pool where we did). We had a local contractor build the pergola, and I have added the lights, Polk speakers (plus a weatherproof cabinet for a receiver) and a BIG clock.

When we were planning the pool, I told my wife that I did not want to have to bring a lawn mower inside the fence. So, she and I put down about 20 cubic yards of river rock inside the entire fenced pool area. To give it some color and variety, we both paint and fire ceramics. You will see all kinds of ceramic figures throughout the pool area. My late mother also did ceramics and put them around my parents' pool in Florida. It's nice to now have her ceramics by our pool.


After the first year of the pool, we decided we didn't like looking at the pool equipment at the far end of the pool. So, we hired the contractor who made our first pergola to build a pergola over the equipment pad. The lattice on the front of pergola is a great place to hang ceramics.


Here is the pool area all lit up at night. I just have some cheap solar lights to illuminate the steps from the upper level down to the pool level. This summer I plan to replace them with something more permanent.

All lighting is LED. The lights under the pergola are 110 volt, but all other lights are 12 volt.


The picture below is taken from our driveway. Our house is on the right, and a detached garage is on the left. When guests arrive they typically come straight to the pool area from the driveway. This is their initial view of the pool area.