What does your pool paradise look like?


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
Gorgeous setup their SVP!! I like your fire pit. We bought a Solo Stove Bonfire early last year. Can't say enough about the double-wall fire pit concept. And the TV area!!!


Aug 18, 2011
The quarantine provided ample time to really work on our Oasis this year. Our pet projects included turning an old 8ft picnic table into a high top tiki bar, a trash picked director’s chair into a life guard stand and building a float holder from PVC.

We’re very happy with the results. This site has been my go to for years for instructions and inspiration. Thanks!5B6CE294-7CC4-4CA5-88F8-9E5B3801754A.jpeg1C90DF3D-41A4-46E6-8D08-149C9468761A.jpeg5448AAA5-3535-4549-8DC7-F3624732DF57.jpegDE344A71-ABD4-42EE-8493-5AC2F6F69767.jpegA21DDC40-1F1B-4858-B8A3-9A989418DB0E.jpeg787E904B-2227-49B9-AB02-507F6D051793.jpeg
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