What a day, 6.25 inches of rain in 6 hours


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Jun 18, 2016
SW, Iowa
Weird summer, 6 weeks without a drop of rain, then getting an inch here and there, now this. I woke up this morning at about 330 am to a thunderstorm, wasn't able to get back to sleep so I got up and checked the weather. By about 5am it was showing around 1.5" of rain, then it cut loose and poured for a while. I was literally watching the totals add up. My town is high and dry, but I do live in a low lying area of town that can get some flash flooding and have had my basement flooded twice by sewage. Got that problem stopped a few years ago but still get paranoid during every storm. I have a creek about a block away that can turn into a raging torrent, and it was. We have a flood control reservoir upstream that does a good job, but I have seen water get closer than I would like. This morning all the manholes down the street were blowing off, sewers were overwhelmed and flooding but thankfully not into my house anymore.

By 630 or so it was showing 3 inches and looked to taper off. As I went out to leave for work I see the pool overflowing, water shooting about an inch high out the hole in the cover on the skimmer. I got the vac hose and started a siphon to get my level back down. After about 25 min it was back to normal level. Gave it a 16 oz booster shot of 10% and headed for work. By 9 am the rain had not stopped and was continuing to build and train over us. I got that sick feeling and left work to check my basement. Only a minor leak in one corner had leaked in a small puddle. The sump pump was working hard, more on time than off. The pool was more full this time than the last. Got my vac hose out again and siphoned more water. Let it go 30+ minutes this time and got the level back to normal. Threw in another 16oz booster shot of bleach.

Came home after work with no idea where my chemistry might be, so immediately ran the whole series of tests. Absolutely normal on every one. My FC was only slightly higher than normal for this time of day, .2 CC, no change to PH or CYA, only a slight reduction in TA. I was quite surprised to see the results. Has never really quit raining, but just some brief, heavy showers. The sun is out now but calling for more overnight, man I hope they are wrong. Last night they only forecast some overnight showers, Lol! I'm heading out now to plumb in a valve so I can drain using the pump. Worked all weekend framing the pool deck and the whole area is a giant mud hole now. Might be easier to get a new vac hose than try to clean up the old one!


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Feb 22, 2009
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Unless your pump was running, most of the new water will flow off the top. I've experienced the same thing after 13" of rain from a hurricane. Some does get mixed, certainly, but less than you might expect.
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