Weatherproof box for robot power supply


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Mar 3, 2013
Just picked up the Nautilus CC and it has an option to setup so it cleans on a schedule. However the power supply says to not get it wet. Does anyone know of a weatherproof box I could put the power supply in so I can leave it outside and it could handle being rained on?

Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
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Mar 17, 2015
Cedar Falls, Iowa
This is just a quick search pic but I have a couple from Menards for much less money but it gives you an idea what to look for, I use one for my Intermatic metal case timer, even though it is outdoor rated they still can rust. These have a seal and timer looks like new after 5 years. Just drill hole in appropriate place so water will not run in such as the bottom. Use something like steel wool to surround the cord running into it, critters like to use it as a bird house.