Way too high chlorine level and staying that way for weeks

May 5, 2018
San Jose, CA
Here is the test results using the TF-100 kit. Looking forward to tips and next steps. Thanks!

pH = 7.6
Chlorine Drop Test = 7.5
Combined Chloramines = 0
Total Chlorine = 7.5
Calcium = 700 ppm
Total Alkalinity = 100
CYA = 120

Below is the results from Leslie's Pool Store Test
Free Available Chlorine = 10 ppm
Total Available Chlorine = 10 ppm
Calcium Hardness = 670 ppm
Cyanuric Acid = 120 ppm
Total Alkalinity = 100 ppm
pH = 7.4
Copper = 0
Iron = 0
Total Dissolved Solids = 1050
Phosphates = 50


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Jul 21, 2013
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With your CYA over 100 did you do Step 8 at Pool School - CYA and dilute the pool water by 50% for the test?

If your CYA level is 90 or higher, repeat the test adjusting the procedure as follows:
Fill the mixing bottle to the lower mark with pool water.
Continue filling the mixing bottle to the upper mark with tap water.
Shake briefly to mix.
Pour off half of the contents of the mixing bottle, so it is again filled to the lower mark.
Continue the test normally from step 2, but multiply the final result by two.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Your test results (not Leslies, please don't use them) look valid and indicate a need to drain some water to make your pool easier to manage.

I would suggest you drain and refill 1/3 of your pool water (not an inch or two like many do) and retest at the end of that process and post your results. When you retest, please test the CH of your fill water and post that as well.

Please keep your FC right around 7.5 ppm for now. Use liquid chlorine to maintain that level.....no more pucks