Waterfall/slide Blue Haven Pools Hayward Pump


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Jun 22, 2019
San Antonio, Texas
Does anyone have this pump for your waterfall/slide/water features? When I turn it on, it sucks the water out of the entire basket and doesn’t fill back up. All of the handles are turned to the “on” position. I’ve tried the recommendations from a few members here to no avail. It says it’s a self priming pump and the technicians have been out to prime and set up the pumps on Monday and came out again yesterday.



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Jul 24, 2007
Suwanee, GA
So the pump has been primed and ran, but has not lost its prime this week? If that is the case you have an air leak somewhere.

Priming should be as easy as filling up the pump basket, lock on the lid and turn it on. Depending on the distance and elevation from the pool, it may take a few minutes.