Water level- how low is too low & for how long?

Two topics really

The issue is:

CYA is super high so I have to lower water level to half, then refill etc, not my question.

I have a pool cleaner plumbed but never used, in fact it is capped off inside the pool wall. 4 screws hold the cap/plug on, you can see the screws & plug with vinyl liner underneath the the hole is not exposed. The vinyl liner is pierced at the 4 screw holes obviously.

I want to get a Pool Skim

I will have a plumber pro undo the cap & attach the cleaner. Pretty sure that cleaner was fitted for a Polaris or something other than a PoolSkim, so hoping that PoolSkim will come with attachments that allow retrofitting or whatever- all comment welcome re this aspect too.

I’m thinking the pool plumber pro will like the water level below the Cleaner return (presently capped off).

I have to lower the water 50% anyway (CYA issue),

The pool cleaner port is above the “halfway water level” i.e. I can expose the cleaner port & still not have the water level to half. The pool cleaner port appears to be at the standard level, about 10 inches below normal water level in my pool

I know lowering the water level too much for too long is not good for the pool structure. Is “too low” 50% / half? Yes normally I’d refill the pool ASAP , but in this case I may be waiting on a plumber a few days. I suspect lowering it to just expose the pool cleaner port will be maybe 40% (60% full) so I could just do that until the pro finishes?

If you were the pro, where do you want the water level, 1 inch below the pool cleaner port, 0.5”, 1.5” ?

The pro knows how to deal with the vinyl presently over the pool cleaner port I assume ? I know I'm pretty sure I’d make a mess with the vinyl? The pro just glues it into place some how?

TYIA for all comments.


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Ask the pro who is going to do the work what he wants.


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Sorry you haven’t gotten any answers. I don’t think I’d want the water level to sit that low for several days. If one of the returns can be used, that is what I would do.