Water height under winter cover


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Oct 4, 2016
Littleton, MA
I’m using a tensioned permiable cover for the first time this winter.

I drained the water below the tile line and closed my pool as I’ve done in the past (with just a tarp and weights in prior years).

We we just got our first snowfall - about 7” wet inches. The cover is now weighted down and sitting in the water with snow on top of it and is in the process of freezing into the water like that.

Is this normal and okay? Is my water too low? Am I supposed to put something under the cover to keep it from sagging down to the water when it snows?



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Jun 20, 2016
U r good like said above. I got really freaked out last year also cause I never owned a pool and we got 20 inches and it looked like it would snap. All good. I keep my water about 6 inches below my tile to keep the tile as dry as possible and have wiggle room for water to climb as snow melts and it rains. Ur cover manufacturer will have a recommended level the water can be down from the cover.