Water Chemistry after pool re-fill


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Jul 11, 2012
SW Michigan
Several days ago our pool contractor completed refinishing our pool with hydrazzo. Our gunite pool was built 16 years ago and it was time to replace the marcite finish. I had the pool filled with delivery truck water and it looked a little greenish at first, but within 24 hours it was very clear. The pool volume is 22,000 gallons and it is a salt water pool. Of course I use the TF-100 test kit and have the following results after adding a couple gallons of liquid chlorine, some muriatic acid and morton salt. FC =1.5 ppm, CC = 0, TC = 1.5 ppm, TA = 260 ppm, CH = 250 ppm, CYA = 0, Ph = 7.3 and salt = 3000 ppm. I am certainly no expert, but I feel that the chlorine level is low and I have my Pool Pilot currently in boost mode. TA looks high, but everything I read to reduce it says add muriatic acid, but that will lower my Ph which is good. I knew the CYA would be low and I need to add stabilizer to get it to about 50 ppm? Calcium hardness and salt level seem good. Before I head to the store tomorrow for stabilizer, I would like to get some expert advice. Is a CYA of 50 PPM a good target? How much stabilizer would I need for 22,000 gallons (10 pounds?). I plan to use the sock in the skimmer method. What about the high TA? Any other advice?? Thanks, Neal


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Apr 17, 2010
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10 lbs. is about right for 50, but we recommend 70 to 80 for your SWG use.. Help out that SWG by raising your FC to 5 or so using bleach, then let it maintain.