Want to take over my pool maintenance


Apr 16, 2018
Oracle AZ
Finally had the water recycled. It was such an easy process. The tech came out and tested the water. My 2 main concerns were the Calcium hardness(925) and the CYA(300+).
When the recycle was done my CH was 75 and CYA was 15.
Since they do connect to outside faucet I can not say how much water I had to replace but it could not have been too much. The system took about 7 hours to do my 12,000 gallon pool/spa combo. Spa was done separately in 10 minutes. After it was done he rebalanced all the chemicals. Felt so much better recycling the water vs a drain and fill especially right now as I sit here watching all the smoke from the Big Horn Fire. What a waste of water just draining it away.
Now that we are here and able to keep on top of the chemicals, I will not let it get to that state again. I am thankful I had a pool company taking care of the pool while we did not live there but for what I was paying them the pool should have been better maintained.
Scheduled for an SWG install next week and I should be well on my way to a perfect pool summer. Now if I can just get the darn wasps and bees to stay away!
Thanks for all the sound advice on TFP!
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