Vinyl liner replacement advice, feedback and opinions please


May 5, 2018
Hi all,

We are the second owner of a freeform kidney shaped pool, originally installed with a Latham vinyl liner. We have the original pool company to maintain the pool. The current liner has been patched over time, but now has tears - replacement is required. The pool company uses latham/pacific liners.(as does most of the local pool companies around here). However, I was not happy with those liner choices (the ones I really liked are older year's models and discontinued, which is very frustrating). The pool company did say they could install any liner I wanted, although again they highly recommend latham/pacific. I have taken the time to search online for other pool choices and came up with a few I thought I could love from GLI and MEGNA. I've even ordered my own samples from GLI which should be here soon. Megna is a little more difficult. Anyway, the pool guy now says Hey, I'll do what you want, but with the shape of your pool I don't think you're going to be happy with the GLI .... that even with their improved seaming process the liner will separate and will need adjustments over and over again. said he'd be ok with gli if we had a rectangular pool. He sort of dismissed megna. and other pool liner companies as more cheaply made than latham products. I didn't bring up loop loc, which seem overall attractive, but I have the feeling delivery could be slower with that. we want to be able to enjoy swimming this year. (we're in new england.)

I don't know if the pool people are telling us the truth .... Are they? Obviously I don't want to insist on a product that won't perform well or will have seaming issues just because I find it pretty, so thought I'd ask this forum for thoughts and feedback. Also they said it would be better to go with latham because latham would still have the measurements from the original install. Otherwise it would have to be measured again if we went with a different liner company. Not sure what's the big problem with that .... maybe someone could explain?

So anyway, that's my story. A bit wordy, so I apologize for that . Look forward to responses ......


In The Industry
Jul 21, 2014
The contractor has made reasonable statements all liners are not fabricated equally well.

As for measuring, a competent installer is equipped to take the 100+ or so dimensions a free form pool usually demands.