Very Green Open, 1st time in 6 years


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Jun 4, 2012
I have my yearly routine down for opening. Pool company comes to remove the cover, puts the cartridge filter together, checks all the connections for leaks, etc.

I've had a little green spots here and there in past years. Vacuum, brush, slam and a week later I'm all set.

This year I opened over a month later than usual and we had some warm days. Very green open. In sunlight I could see to the bottom but very murky.

I vacuumed and brushed the pool the best I could. Can't see the brush/vacuum in the 8ft deep end.

4 new cartridge filters installed this year too.

Do I SLAM it as usual until the algae clears? I keep reading about this new vacuum-to-waste thing but not sure what that is or how to do it.

First time since we built the pool that I've had this problem so would appreciate any advice!