Using Floc with a cartridge system

Selma Dennert

New member
Jul 20, 2020
Good evening everyone. Ok, so let me get straight to the point. I know that I am not supposed to use floc with the cartridge filter, but since my pump has a “waste” setting that dumps the water before getting to the filter I wonder if that could be an option. My plan was to add the floc, remove the cartridge and run the pump without the cartridge for a couple of hours so it could recirculate and spread the flock evenly, turn off the pump só the flock sets over night, vacuum to waste the next morning, keep the pump off for one more night to make sure all the floc gets removed and vacuum to waste again. Only after the pool looks clean I would place the cartridge back and run the filter as usual. P.S. my chemicals are beautifully balanced. This pool came with he house and it has been neglected for years. We have tried clarifier but it has shown very little result. Please let me know if my plan is crazy or if I might have a chance that it might work. Any help is much appreciated. 😁