Using artificial turf around the pool


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Jul 27, 2007
Sahuarita, AZ
Hi all,

I'm almost done with my pool build (it's getting PebbleTec next week) and so we're about to start with landscaping. We have two baby boys and we want a nice area for them to play on outside the pool fence and possibly put a play fort/slide structure on it.

We're in southern AZ and I'm dreading the thought of putting a real lawn in for that surface. I don't want to have to mow/fertalize/re-seed/etc and then deal with it looking brown part of the year and possibly getting cuttings and fertalizer in the pool.

I'm leaning towards a synthetic lawn product called SynLawn ( that looks pretty nice and I'm wondering if anybody on here has used it or know someone who has. Their top of the line product is called SynPlay and it's a high quality turf which doesn't require rubber in-fill that has a foam backing on it which is rated for up to 8 foot falls... that seems ideal for young boys on a climbing structure.

I've read the product can get pretty hot under intense sun, but is easily cooled quickly with a spray from a hose. Also the non in-filled stuff doesn't get as hot as the type that uses the rubber in-fill.

Anybody have any experience with the stuff?



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Apr 22, 2007
I forget who it was, but someone posted pics of their new pool and yard and it was faux grass in their yard. It was gorgeous!

By the way, I was in Costco in Phoenix this weekend and they had big rolls of faux grass. You may want to check it out for at least pricing comparison.


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May 15, 2007
New Brunswick Canada
I will be doing a putting green next year by our pool, this stuff is amazing. I am not sure about the claims about heating up, I coach football and we are on an artificial turf field all months of the year. I cant remember it ever feeling very hot.