Useful links for fellow Intex Pool Owners


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Jun 13, 2017
Re: Useful links for fellow Intex Pool Owners

does anyone know the dimensions of the retrained strap for a 24x12x52 rectangular pool? None came with my pool and intex won't have them until whenever so I have to make something work... thank you


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Jun 19, 2017
Hayes, Virginia
Re: Useful links for fellow Intex Pool Owners

Welcome to TFP! :wave:

I take it you have an Intex pool? Let us know what kind. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about these pools. There are many people with these pools so you should get great advice for any of your questions.
Hello, I have a 22x52 intex above ground pool and last night it sprung a leak. I patched it with a mainstays patch from Wal-Mart but I'm nervous about it holding because it's on the seem at the bottom where the bottom meets the sides and there's about a 1" lip that I had to put the patch over.


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Jun 20, 2017
Austintown Ohio
Re: Useful links for fellow Intex Pool Owners

Hello, I am interested in purchasing the pool model you have. My question is - What is the minimum actual water depth I could operate this pool at? I want to let my 9 yr old grow with it and keep my teenager in it too. Any advice before purchasing greatly appreciated!


Sep 26, 2015
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Re: Useful links for fellow Intex Pool Owners

Thank you for all of these links! I’m starting over this summer since the poles were rusted just about through on my Intex pool. Each of the 3 summers I had the pool, I learned more and more from this site. I’m looking to to it right this time - starting with a bigger pump, adding a wall skimmer, pvc pipes, getting an automatic vacuum before I start chasing my tail like last time lol. These links are inspiring and will help so very much!!