Upgrading gas meter for pool/spa heater?


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Jun 10, 2019
Urbana, MD
My gas company did change our heater to a 2 psig unit (not a split unit) and a gas plumber had to install individual regulators to all my existing home appliances for $150 each


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Apr 5, 2007
Mesa, AZ
The pool heater, fire pit and grill in my plan triples the BTU requirement for our property. I have been told that the city (also the gas provider) comes out and upgrades to a rotary meter, and to expect to pay $1500 for the upgrade. :-(
You can tell which houses in the neighborhood have pool heaters just by looking at the meter style.


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Mar 14, 2019
willis texas
you have the same meter as me. i have a 250k heater. your house should not be using much gas during the summer to affect the heater now. the gas tech that serviced my upgrade request was very knowledgeable and i would assume that all of them are. however it is possible that the person that did the pipe work to the heater was not as knowledgeable. also, there should be a regulator at the heater. it needs to be calibrated to the spec of the heater. need to know what size the heater is, how far from the meter to the heater, what size pipe they used from the upgrade regulator to the heater. from what i can see from your pictures, they did install the upgraded regulator. if the pipe to the heater is undersized you will have problems.


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Jun 16, 2019
Every local utility company may have their own way of looking at it. Most will upgrade you for either no charge, or a small enough charge to cover the technicians time. If you need more gas/electric, they will recover their costs over time, many times over There are unusual situations (and companies) of course that may add to those lack of fees or small fees, but most companies are thrilled if you're upgrading.