Upgrade SunTouch to EasyTouch or Intellicenter?


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Oct 5, 2020
St. Petersburg, Florida
Hello all-

Recently purchased a new home with a more advanced pool system than I am used to dealing with. Pad and pool picture attached. I get how the SunTouch works, it's just clunky and outdated, I'm ready for something with a better interface.

Current setup:
Not sure how many gallons as I need to model it in CAD, rough estimate is 15-20k.
Pool/spa, Intellichlor SWCG, 2 speed motor (motor most likely has shorted windings) with P6RA6YF-206L pump, S7MD60 DE Filter, SR400LP Heater, SunTouch Controller with wireless remote, & 5 color changing lights.

My thought through all of this is to upgrade to a VS pump (because my pump is currently dead) and some newer automation with WiFi capabilities. I have been stalking the forums and have read for hours and seemingly the reading never ends. Looks like most agree if you are going to go EasyTouch, just spend the little bit extra for the Intellicenter, which is not a problem. Which model Intellicenter would I need and what pump would be best suited? I'm not sure if the automation runs both the IntelliPro and the IntelliFlo pumps. I also don't really need a load center as the breaker box is already wired and the Intellichlor has its own power supply already. I'm wary to just blindly trust the pool company without doing some of my own homework first.

Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated.



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May 3, 2019


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Nov 12, 2017
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IntelliCenter is the newer model. That's all I know about it. What I do know is: DO NOT buy an EasyTouch that has an "L" in its model number. Stands for "Lite" and it is guaranteed to be a disappointment. The other ET models have a proven track record. You can add remote and in-house smart phone/pad and computer control to EasyTouch with an add-on called ScreenLogic. It connects to your router and in essence adds the WiFi connectivity. It's been said here that those two together (ET and SC) are not much less than an IntelliCenter (which has the remote connectivity built in). But because you don't need a Power Center or Load Center or SWG bundle, the base ET model might be a good bargain.