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Jul 27, 2020
Austin, TX
cowboycasey: Moving ahead with install plans. My order from Inyo Pools with the Hayward SP1023G returns I need was cancelled, but luckily I found them locally instead. Whew! 😅 Some pool parts are scarce these days!

I've ordered a boat load of these American Valve union ball valves from Lowes, enough to put one on each return line and pump/filter connection. (I thought they were a steal for the price and were well reviewed by those who used them, specifically for pool and spa applications.) I'm figuring they will help make everything easier to break down if I ever need to work on anything or disassemble lines.

Question is, do I really still need unions at each return and exiting the pump and or filter? Maybe it's overkill, but I was possibly going to go ahead and install these made-in-the-USA Waterway unions on each return and on the sand filter ports just to make it that much easier to disconnect the plumbing right at the pool/filter. (For instance, on the backside of the returns I was planning on the Waterway union going directly into a 90 degree street elbow.) Otherwise, I'll just plumb these 1 1/2" male adapters into the returns and filter ports, followed by a 90 street elbow or piece of pvc and then union ball valves. What say you? WWCCD? (what would cowboycasey do?)

These Hayward unions were another option, but as far as I can tell the Waterway unions cost less (when you can find them) and USA made. I also noted that some Amazon reviewers had trouble using two Hayward unions on their Hayward sand filter because the ports are too close together. Go figure.

For the pump ports I'm also considering the CMP self sealing unions because they're a bit beefier and well, self-sealing with the o-ring. You seem to favor those, right? Do you prefer the regular CMP #21063-150-000, or the long CMP #21063-154-000?

As always, thanks so much for your 2¢!!


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Jul 3, 2013
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I do like the O ring ones, they have not leaked on mine in 9 years now.. You do not need them but they sure are nice when you have to remove your pump and you just unscrew the union and the pump is out... did it in 2 minutes when I changed my motor out... I have not needed them on my through ports on the pool but when I take it apart I just unscrew the union...

It is all to make your life easier :)
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