Unstabilized chlorine vs. stabilized chlorine used to SHOCK

Aug 30, 2007
San Diego
What is unstabilized chlorine vs. stabilized chlorine?

SHOCK -- This is the process of raising your FC high enough to break down the CC that has formed, sometimes called breakpoint chlorination ("shock" is a verb, not a noun! It is something you do to your pool, not a special product that you use. Any unstabilized chlorine is suitable to use in shocking

Aug 30, 2007
San Diego
I think I may have answered my own question....does sodium hypochlorite sound right? If so, is there a shorter name the pool store would use?
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May 7, 2007
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Liquid chlorine is also called bleach (common household bleach, avoid scented versions). In some areas pool stores sell it in 10% or 12.5% concentrations, in other areas they don't and it is simpler to buy regular bleach at a discount store.

Stabalized chlorine contains CYA, unstabalized doesn't. Using chlorine with CYA in it can be problematic because the CYA eventually builds up to high levels and causes problems.