Typical electrical costs on a new build?


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Jul 18, 2015
Zeeland MI
We are doing a 16x32 inground liner pool. Nothing fancy. Below is what I sent the electrician. The price came back pretty high in my opinion.

No hot tub/spa, no water features, no auto cover, no salt pump.
There will be 1 Glo-Brite light and I would be interested in adding a flood light or something. I was thinking by the corner of our deck.
The pump is a Intelliflo variable speed that runs on 220.
I plan on leaving a spot in the pad for a gas heater but I don’t think that will happen initially.
The only other thing I plan on adding is a chlorine pump which would be on the pad.
What kind of price range should I expect for something like that just for electrical?

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Jun 22, 2009
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You really don't give us enough info to make a good estimate and in MI. things are going to be higher than a lot of places. But I'd guess anywhere from $1,500 to $5,243. Depending on trenching, distance, wire sizes, etc..


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Jun 7, 2017
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Tough to say on a small job. If the electrician is busy they are going to price high to make it worth their time. I would say you are not going to get that done, even though not much work, for under $3k.