Turning off spillover causes bubbles from returns


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Aug 19, 2020
We have a pool/spa combo that uses the same equipment. We have a spillover mode that takes water from the main drains and skimmers in the pool to pushes the water through the spa returns which generates the spillover. During the mode there is no water coming from the pool returns.

After I turn off spillover mode the return valve rotates to return water to the pool returns and not the spa returns.

For about a minute or so after I turn off spillover mode there are small streams of bubbles coming from the pool returns. After a couple minutes the bubbles stop.

I figure they have to somehow be related to the spillover mode being turned off and the Jandy valve going from returns to the spa to returns to the pool but can’t figure out how. Only though I have is it is somehow related to the air blower being connected to the spa returns and the spa being elevated relative to the pool.

Could it be related to the saltwater chlorine generator reaction?



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