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We're deep in preparations for tomorrow -- cornbread for dressing is cooking, apple pies are being prepped, pecan pie (mine!!) Is ready to go, Sister Schubert Dinner Rolls are in the freezer, yams and marshmallows and pecans ready to be turned into yam casserole, and Mr Turkey is thawing nicely.

So how are your preparations coming?
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Jan 17, 2012
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I used to love doing TG dinner. Wake up at O'darkthirty and start the pies and stuffing, then prep the bird and get it started. Next came about 3 different veggies prepped and waiting, and potatoes peeled and cut, and because I hate cranberry sauce I always made a baked apple and fresh cranberry casserole to cover that cranberry requirement.

Alas, we're going to our daughter's house and all she's asked me for is the dressing. Darn. I wanted to make more.out

I've always heard good things about Sister Schuberts rolls. I'm going to have to try them sometime.

Happy Thanksgiving (that 2020 is almost over) y'all!

Maddie :flower:


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We put on a dinner just for us three, and eat off it for several days. We used to all gather at DH Mike's mother's house for Thanksgiving, but she's 91 now and Mike's sister does a small do at her house and brings mom over there. We'd alternate TG between my grandparents and mother and Mike's mother and dad with all the kids.

Alas, the older generation is almost gone, all my relatives are gone, and "the kids" (brother and sister) have great-grandkids of their own. Time sure does shift family dynamics, doesn't it?

So it's just immediate family for us.


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Nov 12, 2017
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No fun for me this year. 😢 Long story, and not all about the "C" word, but that is a factor. Enjoy all, but be smart about it, as best you can...

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Nov 13, 2017
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Was going to smoke a turkey -- decided to brine and roast. Made cranberry sauce today. This is the first year in many that we haven't worked with some organization. So, we usually eat turkey sandwiches, which we all like anyway. But, the Rona is keeping everyone in, so we are making a traditional dinner. So much prep and work for a meal that doesn't last long. :)


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Jun 12, 2011
The weather is nice enough that we can have our kids, and grandkids (they all live right across the street) over for Thanksgiving dinner out on the patio. Turkey is out of the brine and waiting to go into the smoker in the morning. Pies are baked and ready. We will wear masks, except when eating (which based on the amount of food will take most of the day).

Happy Turkey Day all!!

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Aug 22, 2017
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Its just going to be the two of this year, but that is not stopping us. Instead of a 22lb turkey we are doing an 18lb (like there is actually a difference). I will be smoking it on the egg. Bourbon chocolate pecan pie (my favorite). All the fixings. And we get to decorate for Christmas.

Of course I am still cleaning up dust EVERYWHERE from all the windows and doors we had replaced on our house.
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Jul 8, 2015
In an effort to minimize left overs we would never eat, I did a smaller Turkey Breast roast on the BBQ and all the kids did various sides dishes... Its become our new tradition where everyone in the family makes something and it doesn't necessarily have to "Thanksgiving" food. The side dishes became the center piece of the meal!
I did a simple 4 pound turkey breast roast on the grill and Italian sausage stuffing (on the stove top, recipe upon request!)
#1 son did pork and cabbage filled egg rolls with a home made sweet and sour dipping sauce
#2 son did cheddar cheese biscuits and garlic & sour cream mashed potatoes.
#1 daughter did veggies and desserts: three pies! pumpkin, apple crisp and Oreo ice cream
#3 son did a 7 cheese mac-n-cheese dish... yes it was a total gut bomb! yum!
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Jul 8, 2015
@kimkats request... yes I know I already PM'd it to you... This is for everyone else.

Mark's Italian Sausage Stuffing
This recipe changes every time I make it.. but the base ingredients are the same. The quantities depend on the size of the crowd and the proportions vary depending on my mood.

Cubed Sour dough .. I make my own SD croutons by cubing up a loaf of SD and toasting them in the oven. If the bread isn't dried it makes the stuffing too mushy. Season the croutons to taste if you wish.. it will all show up in the end. In a pinch store bought stuffing cubes will work.
Italian Sausage-1 pound, 2 pounds, depends on how big your party is and how sausagey you want the stuffing. I like lots of sausage
Dried Cranberries
White Onion or shallots for the hardcore
Nuts-This year I used slivered almonds, I have also used walnuts. If I am motivated I will lightly roast them first.
Fennel-Its my opinion they never put enough fennel in the Italian sausage so I add more.
Basil-was fresh from my garden this year
Rosemary-was fresh from my garden this year
Sage-was fresh from my garden this year
Oregano-was fresh from my garden this year
And whatever other Italian seasoning you want to add.
Ground Red pepper -just to add a bit of a kick. not too much..Its Italian not Szechuan
Shredded Parmesan cheese
White wine-for both the chef and the dish
Olive Oil
Turkey broth if you have any...

-Chop the onions and mushrooms and saute in olive oil until translucent
-Add Italian sausage and fennel and saute until meat is done.. No you don't need to drain the sausage.. the bread will soak it up
-Add spices to taste... be liberal with the spices! The sausage and bread will absorb it all
-Add wine ... each time you take a sip of your wine you should add more to the pan... it all cooks off anyway
-Add nuts and cranberries. ... add more wine
-add turkey broth and maybe a little more wine..and a sip for the chef.
-Add the spinach last .. it cooks fast.
-Add the Parmesan ... it will goo up, so get the bread in. Check the wine.;)
-Add the bread cubes last.. any "juice" you have will be absorbed by the bread... so add more whine .. and take a sip for yourself.
-Stir constantly.. taste frequently... add more wine to the dish and yourself as needed.
-If you are going to stuff it in the bird you don't need to cook the stuffing on the stove top.
-Toast yourself to a job well done. If you have done this correctly you will have killed off a whole bottle of wine, so go open another.

I have found over the years that I make twice the amount I am going to stuff in the bird.. and serve the rest as a side dish.
Buon appetito :goodjob:🍷
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