Tthe Best Drinking Water?


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May 30, 2007
South Carolina
What is your opinion of the BEST water for drinking?

Since I drink a lot of water, I really appreciate your input.

After drinking a glass of unsweetened apple juice my filtered water tasted horrible...... like chemicals and just nasty stuff. Then I realized that I had forgotten to change the SmartWater filter. :shock: Funny, but until I had the apple juice it tasted just fine :roll:

TIA for any input.


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Mar 28, 2007
Northern KY
We have a GE reverse osmosis system, and it is pretty good. I like my water (of which I also drink a lot) to be tasteless, and the system we have leaves some taste. We have a whole house filter, also GE, that we put the carbon filters in (our city water smells heavily of cc's) and then a water softener. Finally the RO.

My fave bottled water when we lived in Louisiana was Kentwood Springs.

My favorite city water is in the high valley in Socal... Victorville, actually... Absolutely PURE tasting, right out of the tap!


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Apr 6, 2007
Winnipeg, Canada
The water if really good out of the tap here, some of the best tab water in North America. We filter it through a Brita filter for drinking though.


my pool water is preety good, got gallons to spair. you should try your pool. O WAIT its only 85 here down south.

edit- dang it your in SC.

i like my tap water. but my kids and wife use a pur filter that is in our fridge.

there was a chart on what brand filtered what, and pur filtered out EVERYTHING. my wife said i dont care that its more expensive i want all that stuff filtered out. :?

personally i think their nuts. when i was a kid i drank from the garden hose after swimming in the river, or playing baseball in the street. or riding our bikes to go get a snack someware. times have changed. :roll:


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Mar 31, 2007
We have a water softner system on the house, I installed it about 4 years ago, Not only does the water taste better but it makes a shower so much better as well.
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