Trying to eliminate stains with Suncoast "Stop Stain" product

I have just been thru a 48 hour cycle of running my pump continuously after dumping 10 containers of Suncoast "Stop Stain" into my pool. It seems to have worked, but there is still some staining visible. Should I consider another round (maybe at 50%) strength to eliminate all, or just just hang tight and wait a while? Any insight welcome
Also, is the "Stop Stain" product (Iron scale, copper stain, oxidized copper stains, copper scale) the same as the Jack's Magic #2 treatment? I can't seem to find a comparison and they are made by teh same company...

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I'm not having much luck finding the MSDSs separately. Maybe after the weekend you can contact the Jack's Magic folks and ask them directly since they appear to have oversight over both products? As for the status of your current staining progress or residual staining, we might have additional questions in order to help you. Questions like:
- How are you testing your water?
- Can you provide a full set of test results?
- What type of staining are you trying to resolve? (iron, copper, organic, are you sure which?)
- Tell us about your pool and equipment by updating your signature.

Folks here will do their best to assist. Enjoy your weekend.


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May 23, 2015
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Well, if the CCs go way up and stay that way, then it is likely sulfamic acid.

Here’s the problem though - if you’re just lifting the stains, then you’re not getting rid of the problem. The stains will come back. If these stains are from copper, then the stains need to be treated and the water needs to be dumped and replaced with fresh water.

What are the stains from?