Total Disolved Solids


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Jun 29, 2008
:rant: Mine read 2000
I have a 27000 Gallon
Vinyl Lined Pool
With a sand filter.

Pool Store guy said to keep an eye on it.

Also my reading for Calcium Hardness was 70 he wanted to sell me something to increase it. Is that needed.

My readings via the Leslie Pool Guy was:
Chlorine no comment I am shocking today but it was 0
PH 7.2
TA 70 but I added some arm n hammer today
Calciukm Hardness 70
CYA 30
TDS 2000


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May 7, 2007
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Don't worry about TDS.

TDS doesn't really matter. What matters are the levels of a couple of other things, most significantly the CYA level. Long ago when CYA tests were rare, TDS was used as a proxy for guessing the CYA level. But now it is better to just measure CYA directly and ignore TDS.

There is some disagreement about the ideal CH level in vinyl pools without a spa or waterfall or fountain. I recommend CH between 50 and 300 in that situation. If you have a spa, waterfall, or fountain, CH should be between 150 and 300.

The ideal TA level depends on what you are using for chlorine. With bleach TA should be 70-90, with trichlor it should be 100-120. In a vinyl pool without a spa, waterfall, or fountain the TA level can be somewhat higher, up to 150 or maybe a bit higher, and there won't normally be any significant problems.