Tiles coming off - bigger damage?


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Jul 18, 2019
San Antonio
14 year old pool. The decorative tiles (approx. 4"x4") are beginning to come off the inside of the pool where the water line is. I was going to work on repairing them but it might be time to replace them all. In the meantime, is it ok to leave them off or is this something that needs to be addressed asap? First quote is $3500.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

The plaster and tile is what make up the water proofing of the pool. There is no plaster under the tile, so you may have a small leak..

The key to me is what is causing them to fall off. In my case, with an old pool, the coping was separating from the top of the gunite shell. So I had to replace the coping, the tile and new plaster just made sense.

The more tiles that fall off, the more the water will get behind the remaining tiles, causing even more tiles to fall off..

Not replacing them now is not going to cause any major issues and it will cost about the same no matter when you fix it.


Jim R.