Thoughts on concrete decking


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May 26, 2020
West Michigan
We have a signed contract for a build starting in two weeks. Our builder wants us to use his favorite, exposed aggregate versus a typical finish. Cost is essentially the same.

We are doing a vinyl rectangle (17X34), adding a tanning ledge that actually makes it 44’ and an auto cover for a very modern look. Just wondering if the aggregate will look strange with an modern looking set up...


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May 23, 2015
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Some folks don’t like how hot the aggregate gets and, depending on the smoothness off the aggregate, it can be rough on the feet.

Has he given you any other options like a brushed finish, acid-wash or salt finish? Is stamped concrete and option?

A lot of pool builders sub out the concrete decking to another contractor. If that’s the case, maybe inquire with the sub on options and cost.

Personal opinion - I’ve never liked the look or feel of exposed aggregate decking. I’d feel like if I’m spending money on a modern pool look, why would I choose a deck that looks old-school, run of the mill? That said, concrete decking ain’t cheap so he’s probably just giving you the cheapest install he can do without blowing up your budget....


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Aug 10, 2017
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Same stuff poured its just worked differently at the end. For a modern look you want a sleek deck. Make a plan for some interesting expansion joints to make a nice modern pattern and use a knockdown broom finish for slight texture
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